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I'm a software engineer currently residing in San Francisco. I have a background in Applied Physics from the University of Washington and currently working at Nisum, a leader in e-commerce technology consulting. With expertise in working closely with product managers and UI/UX teams to meet and exceed product expectations, I work with my team to bring the best out of everyone.

Tech that I work with


With over two years of experience using ES6 JavaScript with my company clients, I can bring any idea to life with the flexibility of this language.


One of the popular frontend frameworks, Vue has been an integral part of my tech stack that I use on a day to day basis with my current company client.


Having the benefit of also being written in JavaScript, Node.js is a comfortable choice as a backend server language, often used for server side rendering.


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SF-based Fortune 500 consumer retail client, Front End Software Engineer

July 2020 - Present

Migrated core e-commerce pages and features from an old tech stack into a new one using Vue and Node.js, while developing new features to support company vision and growth.

Nisum, Software Engineer

January 2020 - July 2020

Developed and polished core languages and frameworks commonly used by clients, as well as migrated a business to business (B2B) site and created multiple working proof of concepts for clients.

App Academy, Software Engineer Technical Admissions Specialist

August 2019 - December 2019

Conducted various technical interviews for potential bootcamp candidates, and mentored peers to prepare them for the position.

University of Washington, Seattle, B.S. Applied Physics

Spring 2019

Side Projects

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Stats Project Screenshot

Epic 7 RTA (Real Time Arena) Stats

A mobile responsive data visualizer for Epic 7, a mobile RPG. Data was available via a Reddit user's efforts, and I've utilized it to create a visualizer for various statistics that players may be interested in.

Mobile Game Screenshot


A casual 2D side scroller, inspired by Flappy Bird. Being my first real experience developing with Unity3D, this project has been the jumping off point for me to explore game development and other similar technologies such as Unreal Engine and Three.js.

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